About Elyse

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Elyse Frankel
Clinical Psychologist
B.Sc (Psych), Grad Dip Psych (Couns), M.Psych (Clinical) MAPS

Elyse provides counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples.

Consultations are usually for an hour, and the initial session will focus on providing an opportunity to share your concerns, and to collaboratively reach an understanding of your needs and goals.

In her work with clients, she seeks to create a safe and supportive environment in which individuals can explore at their own pace.

Through her acceptance of individuals and the lack of judgement with which she approaches each client, Elyse hopes to help each person in their own journey and process of reaching their potential.

She works collaboratively with clients, with the belief that within each individual is the desire and ability for growth and healing.

This may focus on a search for meaning in life, a sense of purpose or a wish to find what makes life worthwhile. To discover one’s path and to live authentically, to be able to live in the moment, in the here and now, without worry, anxiety or fear.

Even before commencing University studies in 1978, Elyse had an interest in learning more about people and helping others know more about themselves.

Her original plan to become a teacher changed once she started a unit in psychology, and she has been learning ever since.

In working with clients, Elyse uses a combination of approaches that reflect who she is and what is appropriate for a particular individual.

Creating a safe and supportive space is paramount, as this enables the individual to start the work of looking at themselves, and to feel accepted whatever they bring.

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"Awareness of the body, the breath, thoughts and emotions is only possible with trust. The first step in therapy is to ‘know thyself’, and from there to be able to gradually step out of one’s comfort zone, with support…to grow into one’s full potential, whatever that may be."

Elyse Frankel

Working in a number of roles as a Psychologist before starting in private practice in 2001, Elyse continues to feel privileged to share in the lives of her many clients.

"To hear their stories of pain and distress, trauma, grief and loss, anxiety and fear, and to witness their emerging sense of self-acceptance and to be more at peace with whatever their life brings, is an honour."

Having completed training to become an accredited Gestalt Therapist and undertaking Yoga teacher training have enabled Elyse to learn more about herself - "to have more awareness of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical body and spirituality, and to be more accepting of who I am".

Elyse hopes that, with this awareness comes greater acceptance of others, and a presence that allows others to be who they are.

Psychotherapy and yoga are a natural fit, with the integration of mind and body enabling healing of the whole person.

According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, "yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind".

What could be more beneficial for those with any emotional imbalance, than to calm the mind and find equanimity?

Krishnamacharya described yoga as "a process of replacing old patterns with new and more appropriate patterns".

This can also define the purpose of psychotherapy.

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Elyse's interest in integrating the different perspectives of the East and the West began during her travels to India and Nepal in the mid 1980’s, as well as through reading books by a number of practitioners and academics who were developing ideas about transpersonal psychology.

Finding a way to bring together the different parts of my self and my interests is an ongoing journey of discovery.